Cases with Aubrey Masango

Cases with Aubrey Masango

7 Episodes

A podcast on conversations about crime and unethical behaviour in places of influence.

Cases with Aubrey Masango
  • Rosemary's Hitlist, Behind the Scenes

    Episode 1

    Rosemary's Hitlist director Valentino Mathibela unpacks the story of the serial killer Rosemary Ndlovu.

  • Love, Scandals & Soccer Balls

    Episode 2

    A story of Zola "Mr Cool" Mahobe, a young man from Soweto who wanted to buy some of the biggest local soccer teams. Due to politics he could not get his hands on the teams he wanted. He went another route, teaming up with a young lady to steal millions of rands from one of the biggest banks in So...

  • Disappeared Prominent Cases

    Episode 3

    We sit with prolific broadcast journalist Professor JJ Tabane to discuss some prominent cases that have disappeared. What's the status of these cases? Have we become a failed state?

  • The Stinehoff Fraud Case

    Episode 4

    On this edition of Cases with Aubrey Masango we look at one of the biggest fraud cases South Africa has seen, Stinehoff. Our guest, South Africa investigative journalist Rob Rose breaks it down .

  • Unpacking Whistle Blowing

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Cases with Aubrey Masango we unpack the idea of whistle blowing in South Africa with author, activist and a social commentator, Jon Clarke.

  • Is Karpowerships a Solution to SA's electricity crisis?

    Episode 6

    Karpowerships: are they a solution to South Africa's electricity crisis? Ships docked on our shore line.... Leanne Gvindsammy, a attorney for Centre of environmental rights, sheds some lights on this topic.

  • Unpacking the legal Side to the Phala Phala Scandal

    Episode 7

    Mr Elton Hart, head of the law clinic at UJ unpacks the legal Side to the Phala Phala Scandal. He looks at the laws that govern the behaviour of a president and the implications if a president commits a crime.