House Of Sankofa

House Of Sankofa

On House of Sankofa, we are attempting to bridge this gap through conversations around music, spirituality and culture. We will be looking into the common threads that connect Africans within the continent and the diaspora.

House Of Sankofa
  • House of Sankofa - Sabelo Mthembu

    On this edition we chat to Sabelo Mthembu, a musically dynamic South African singer and songwriter whose passion for music can be traced back to his very early childhood.

  • House of Sankofa - Zandile Nzalo

    We speak to founder & CEO of Zanenza, Zandile Nzalo. She speaks about her 20 years’ experience in media, working as producer and a presenter for broadcasters such as Radio Bop, Radio Metro, Channel O, 702 and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Mbuso Khoza

    On this episode we speak to Mbuso Khoza, a South African musical visionary whose artistry transcends boundaries. We speak about Isandlwana Lecture, religion, spirituality, Eshowe, Newtown, Themba Mkhize and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Shado Twala

    We hang out with SA journalist, DJ, radio and TV producer, as well as an entrepreneur, Shado Twala. She talks about Bophuthatswana, Koos Radebe, Metro FM, Hugh Masekela, State of Radio, Jazz and so much more.

  • House of Sankofa - Brenda Mtambo

    On this episode we talk to Brenda Mtambo a South African singer, artist, performer, and entrepreneur. She talks Family Background, Joyous Celebration, Hugh Masekela, Decade Tour and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Dumza Maswana

    On this episode we hang out with a South African artist well-known for his soothing baritone voice Dumza Maswana. We speak Rural Eastern Cape, Victor Ntoni, his album Molo, Celebrating African Song, Radio and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Zoe Molelekwa

    South African pianist and composer Zoe Molelekwa speaks Upbringing, Piano, Literature, Themba Mkhize and Manhattan School Of Music.

  • House of Sankofa - Max-Hoba

    On this edition of House of Sankofa we talk to multiple award winning AfroSoul and World music artist Max-Hoba. We discuss Ba Utlwile, GBV, Welkom, Alexis Faku, HHP Oyaba, Music Conferences and Travelling.

  • House of Sankofa - Nicky B

    We chat to is revered DJ and music specialist, Nicky B. She shares her views on World Music, talks Yeoville, Kaya FM, World Show, Busi Mhlongo, Putumayo, Oliver Mtukudzi and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Suthukazi Arosi

    We speak to Suthukazi Arosi a singer, performer, actress and KORA/SAMA Award Winning South African Musical icon.

  • House of Sankofa - Mkhulu Nsingiza

    Mkhulu Nsingiza speaks Season of Maat, GEK Movement, Mpumalanga, Ntaba Kayikhonjwa, Lebombo Bone and more on this edition of House of Sankofa.

  • House of Sankofa - Eugene Skeef FRSA

    We hangout with to South African percussionist, composer, poet, educationalist and animator Eugene Skeef FRSA. He talks Steve Biko, Black Consciousness, Poetry, Abdullah Ibrahim, Bheki Mseleku, Music and more.

  • House of Sankofa - McCoy Mrubata

    McCoy Mrubata speaks upbringing, wind Instruments, music, Langa, Cape Town, Winston Mankunku Ngozi and so much more.

  • House of Sankofa - Luyanda Madope

    The House of Sankofa hosts Musician, Pianist and Award Winning Producer Luyanda Madope.

  • House of Sankofa - Tlale Makhene

    Paul Mnisi presents Tlale Makhene to talk about his Upbringing, Ascension of the Enlightened, Drums & Percussion, Spirituality.

  • House of Sankofa - Sfiso Atomza

    Sfiso Atomza musician and writer sits with Paul Mnisi to talk about his Upbringing, Music, Fatherhood, The Muffinz, Mbaqanga, Solo Effort.

  • House Of Sankofa Experience : with Kgafela le Marabele

    The House Of Sankofa Experience with Kgafela le Marabele live at the Untitled Basement in Braamfontein, Johannesburg (South Africa).

  • House of Sankofa - Caiphus Semenya (Part 2)

    Caiphus Semenya joins Paul Mnisi on House of Sankofa to talk about Hugh Masekela, King Kong Musical and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Kekelingo

    Paul Mnisi talks to Kelelingo about the Kelelingo Language, Upbringing, Drumming, Spiritual Journey and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Dikgwedi Izinyanga

    Paul Mnisi sits down with Dikgwedi Izinyanga and talks about the Sharpeville Massacre, Poetry, Spiritual Commemoration and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Biko's Manna & Mfundo

    Hang with us as we talk to Biko's Manna & Mfundo on today's edition about Amajika, Social media, International Shows and more.

  • House of Sankofa - Gloria Bosman

    Award winning musician Gloria Bosman talks Life Story, Music, Moses Molelekwa, Jazz, Brenda Fassie, Soweto, France and more on this edition of House of Sankofa.

  • House Of Sankofa - Ladysmith Black Mambazo

    On this edition Paul Mnisi speaks to the legendary South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

  • House of Sankofa - Zoë

    On this edition we hang out with South African singer and songwriter Zoë Modiga.